mental health (negative), venting 

Existing in a body whose brain has OCD is a horrific and awful experience. Every day feels like a worthless struggle.


I have made brownies. Brownies with peanut butter. I am very eager to eat these brownies.

Malcolm X, John Brown, Fred Hampton, Bill Haywood, W.E.B DuBois, Tecumseh, Red Cloud, Harriett Tubman, Sojourner Truth, so on and so forth--not to mention the untold legions of labor organizers and other radicals that were cut down or forgotton through multiple means.

These are the real heroes who deserve statues, monuments, positions of currencies, etc. But they won't be because they were mostly smashed, and the victors write history. And we on the left are so used to losing we internalize it

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detachable body parts 

It would be nice to have a removable head that I could carry around with me, as if I were a cephalophore.

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I am a bisexual man in a system of lesbian women/enbies. This can be difficult.

At least a binder is relatively easy to obtain.

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