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oh i should probably do an !

I’m London, admin of :kondo:

I am: a fat queer agender mom of a 2 yo, married to sapphicgiraffic, Jewish conversion student, physically disabled, and an ADHD’er with CPTSD.

I’m a half adoptee, White passing, but I have mixed Indigenous heritage and was raised in the practices of my aunt, who is Catawba and Lumbee.

My Passions: Dolls/toys, inline skating, cooking, Japanese and Hebrew language, crafting, early 2000s aesthetic :commie:

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Asking For Bills Help, Please Boost 

Hey guys, I want to again thank you for all your help with everything.

My partner's job may have backed out on hiring him, we're dealing with it now. I am unable to get a job due to covid, as I have a lung disease and am immuno-compromised

My commissions ARE open, so are my partner's (@/sockeye). Info in bio

The only bill i'm aware of that we still need to pay is my car, which is $232

CashApp: $RottenMutt

Venmo: MuttMusk


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esteemed comrades, despite what you may have heard America is not le epic bacon ftw, and is in fact an epic fail

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I am a Marxist because I genuinely believe Marxist theory has useful insight for the oppressed, whether at first blush that oppression "sounds economic" or not. I'm far from the first or the most far-sighted to hold that belief. Marxism's usefulness and appeal to Black Americans resisting Jim Crow, and the bona fides white communists earned by fucking showing up against anti-Blackness, is well-documented and a major motivator for American anti-communisn in the 20th century.

you have to actually do the fucking thing, though, or you're not actually helping

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eds culture is finding out that you have eds because you did a party trick and someone in the room went "oh I can do that too, please see a doctor"

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once an airport gets big enough, it develops a malicious sentience. Hartsfield-Jackson, as the world's busiest airport, is the single evilest building ever created. it has to consume about 20 people per day to satiate it's sinister hunger -- all of whom vanish completely unnoticed among the 300,000 daily passengers with the misfortune to enter it.

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parents and money, amusing and frustrating 

My mom at 10am: >:[ where’s your car insurance payment??? It’s $50, you have two days!

My mom at 2pm: Oh yeah take my card and get whatever you need at the beauty supply store and get some food :)

My mom at 9pm: Where are you guys getting all this stuff if you have no money?

Y’all I’m gonna lose it she can’t decide whether she wants to show off for my dad and be a hardass or spoil us like she obviously is in her nature to do

my mom got us wendys in return for errand running lmao so

giraffe picnic!

she’s so cute 😭

(mild ec, images of food)

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The term was coined by Jasbir Puar to describe the way that reactionaries in the United States would wield queer rights in service of imperialism abroad. In plainer language: the exact same people who would deny gays the right to marry and gleefully deny people AIDS medicine at home were suddenly Very Concerned with the rights of gay people abroad.

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i'm sure keklord14@hentai.slurs has my best interests at heart and would never try to exploit queerness for some kind of a disingenuous gotcha!!

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More good news about vaccines 

OK, so Oxford/AstraZeneca's COVID vaccine is 90% effective if you give a half-dose followed by a full does.

THEY ONLY FOUND THIS BY ACCIDENT. They made a mistake and gave a bunch of people the wrong does, and it turned out to work better. They'll likely have to delay roll-out of that dose to make the numbers more solid (That will take less time now then it would have in the summer) but 90% with no special storage requirements might be good enough to be used alongside the two 95% effecience vaccines.

PLUS its a slightly older technology that is easier to scale up, so there are more places that can make this vaccine, and they can make it at a larger scale.

We could easily see something like Drs and the elderly getting Moderna or Pfizer (Since only a couple billion doses of each of those will be made in 2021) while everone else gets this adrenovirus based vaccine that works a tiny bit less well, but can be made faster

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(chuckles) an instantaneous event would occur under planck time, and thus, be physically unobservable. i think you'll find so-called 'instant' noodles are therefore, at best, very fast noodles

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@bee @anarchiv I simply can't be contained stopped slowed or dissuaded

in bed with sapphicgiraffic making unintended dirty jokes about best girl grace (cw twinning kink) 

*laying in bed in the dark*

Me: gosh, I love that Grace’s big kink is fucking herself.
Jess: Right?
Me: Imagine loving yourself and being cool and worthy of it. Imagine being That Bitch*
Jess: With a little help from Grace, you can be!

*That Bitch in the same cadence as the It Girl, not calling her A Bitch lol

mild subtoot, not serious 

Uh oh, a beloved friend has moved from always referring to Jess and I as “dears” to now calling us “nerds”

We’re either wearing out our welcome or we have moved closer to the epicenter

doll restoration pic, not scary and no ec, cute and funny 

Current Situation!

I’ve never used curlers before so I hope I can do this poor Lindsey’s adorable chin length curls/waves justice 😭

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i like it when giraffes, also girls, but especially giraffe girls

an lol about my mom and my poor partners through the years 

One of the less impactful but still difficult parts of proximity to my mother is we look and sound and move a LOT alike so anyone sexually attracted to me regularly narrowly escapes embarrassing themselves by accidentally hitting on her or smooching her inappropriately because they didn’t double check lmao

there was a terrible cover of Torn on in the grocery store and not only did it suck the COWARD dude singer changed the pronouns to make it straight

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