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Boundaries Post Cus Those Are a Thing

-Follows welcome! Interactions not necessary but appreciated.

-PLEASE remember I'm not a woman.

-I don't tag food mentions, personal hard limit. My instance does hide food images, though.

-I have a kid, and may talk about her without a cw, but images have cw's.

-I'm an intense person but extremely patient and reasonable. If you are displeased with me, just plainly say so. If I am displeased with you, you'll know, don't worry.

-Just don't be a jerk.

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oh i should probably do an !

I’m London, admin of :kondo:

I am: a fat queer agender mom of a 2 yo, married to sapphicgiraffic, Jewish conversion student, physically disabled, and an ADHD’er with CPTSD.

I’m a half adoptee, White passing, but I have mixed Indigenous heritage and was raised in the practices of my aunt, who is Catawba and Lumbee.

My Passions: Dolls/toys, inline skating, cooking, Japanese and Hebrew language, crafting, early 2000s aesthetic :commie:

was supposed to go to sleep an hour ago but I keep playing that water sorting puzzle game

queer human reproduction 

I’m in some groups on FB for adoptees and donor conceived ppl to talk about the realities of those experiences, how it’s really ethically fucked up honestly

but a trend I’ve seen lately is avoiding disclosing/assigning parental sex where it’s unnecessary by just saying “gametes” instead of eggs or sperm and I like that a lot

(not least of all cus I find the word sperm vry off-putting)

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A friend of mine is a Navajo trans woman who's trying to help her 100 year old grandfather afford a hearing aid so he can talk with his family again – boosts & shares good, every little bit helps 🙏💕 #TransCrowdfund #Crowdfund

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why're you crying? what are you, a fuckin' floridian or something?

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the M/L/J Household Meta 

lol don’t worry the incident was literally this:

Jess: *giggles at me for simple mistake*
Me: don’t make fun of meeeeeeee
Milly, who definitely didn’t hear the context: do it Jess!
Me: wow, Milly at it again, bullying people
Milly: I’m a cyber bully!
Me: is it cyber bullying if it’s in the house?
All 3: quick! To mastodon!

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alright astrology hoes I just figured out my Ascendant, so that makes me a Cap sun/pisc moon/Virgo asc what does that MEAN

the cyberbullying is coming from inside the house :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:

did I tell y’all that american girl not only hired me, they did it with me declaring my agender status during the application process and mentioning my wife during the interview, they were really casual and cool about both

*opens toot app*
“it’s pito shoes! for the third day running!”
“Wow, happy for them”
*closes toot app*

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leftism meta 

hey if your plan for revolution doesn't include disabled folx, it's a fucking shit plan

it's that simple

adhd mom group had a thread laughing at the idea that the konmari method could ever work for them but *cracks knuckles* here comes the adhd special interest mini novella how this shit was made for us ( likely by us), hope they’re ready

one of y’all come help me unpack this house

Legit I will sit here and absorb the timeline for like 20 minutes without ever liking or boosting

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