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Boundaries Post Cus Those Are a Thing

-Follows welcome! Interactions not necessary but appreciated.

-PLEASE remember I'm not a woman.

-I don't tag food mentions, personal hard limit. My instance does hide food images, though.

-I have a kid, and may talk about her without a cw, but images have cw's.

-I'm an intense person but extremely patient and reasonable. If you are displeased with me, just plainly say so. If I am displeased with you, you'll know, don't worry.

-Just don't be a jerk.

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oh i should probably do an !

I’m London, admin of :kondo:

I am: a fat queer agender mom of a 2 yo, married to sapphicgiraffic, Jewish conversion student, physically disabled, and an ADHD’er with CPTSD.

I’m a half adoptee, White passing, but I have mixed Indigenous heritage and was raised in the practices of my aunt, who is Catawba and Lumbee.

My Passions: Dolls/toys, inline skating, cooking, Japanese and Hebrew language, crafting, early 2000s aesthetic :commie:

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yknow i wouldn't have guessed that there's a statistically significant number of catholic blogs on tumblr and yet

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mutual aid, PLEASE BOOST, seizures 


Black single mother desperately needs funds for her seizure medication. She’s been without it and has had two seizures already. Please spread this around and donate if you can, it’s really bad. She’s also struggling to make rent as well. Please, please help.

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#MutualAid @mutualaid

Okay, I thought I wouldn't have to do this but things are really getting worse.
I'm currently helping my partner financially because he isn't earning enough money.
He's been applying to several jobs he's still waiting for an answer and fees are still going on.
His landlord said he'll have to leave the flat soon, late rents...
We're missing 500€...

Fedi, I need your help more than ever... This is not good. 😞

Anything help, thank you. ❤️

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if i hadn't married @hammerhead for the humor, brilliance, slammin body, fashion & design sense, singing voice, grace, poise, generosity, kindness, and all the other stuff, i would have been tempted to stay just for the cooking y'all cuz damn

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Good Morning
If you use #FediBlock & want to help support the Afro-Indigenous femme that started it you can either donate to my liberapay, or sign up to my DIY content subscription service, all links on my profile. Don't erase me from my work.

@gingerrroot helped worked to get that tag off the ground, help her out too.

Stop erasing femmes from their community efforts on here, esp the ones of color who have been here for yrs at this point.

One thing I will never be modest about is I am a DAMN good cook

I’m supposed to make mushroom brie soup tonight but my heart is screaming butter chicken 🥺

frustrates me that so many programming jobs are filled with absolute ding dongs with lawyer daddies while jessica is out here jobless with like Several languages under her belt and she learns new ones in hours no problem all because they feel she’s Too Autistic in interviews

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I acquired this exceptionally blue fenty lipstick and I'm like "huh why does this feel familiaR OH


maybe we could move to czech republic

I still have to self-correct though my brain always says "czechoslovakia" first

I wanna scream and cry but instead I'm sitting here calmly eating squid jerky and chocolate and being pummeled in the nuts by swingy brass solos cus I'm listening to radio hits of the 30's and 40's

looking at old pictures of myself is such a ding dong fuckin move why do I do this to myself

financial bitching don't even worry about it 

uuuggghhh I've put so much into getting this shit off the ground and it's all getting hung up on the most vital bit, the stupid camera

NOTHING I'm listing is fucking selling, there's just zero movement and between the car and bills we've had an ask out every single day for like 2-3 weeks so everyone who cares is burnt the fuck out I feel so bad blllghhhguddhdkuiuh where are the bored WASP wives when you need em (to buy shit)

I acquired this exceptionally blue fenty lipstick and I'm like "huh why does this feel familiaR OH


I didn't get a lot out of my education in Florida but I was indoctrinated to believe that coral snakes and their identification were going to be a much bigger problem in my life than they have turned out to be.

doll for sale, little rebel momo, toy nudity 

Will take $220 shipped!

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doll for sale, little rebel momo, toy nudity 

Little Rebel/9Spirits Momo in grey w/ og faceup

I am the 2nd owner, she’s in good condition but a little loose (unsure if it’s the string or engineering). This was LittleRebel’s first mini, she’s very cute and uncommon.

Wig/clothes not included, but she’ll come w/ the pink glass eyes.

$300 or a $100 deposit and 2 month layaway, $100/month.

USA shipping is $8, PM for international. It will be cheap as I don’t have the original box.

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business crowdfunding 

If anybody got their taxes and they're feeling squirrely >_>

While Jess gets her CS skills back up to scratch I’m attempting to turn my 15 years of serially acquired hobby skills into a small media empire, but I need a camera. Tried to sell my stuff but no one’s buying, so hey

this is not a begtoot, more of a business investment proposal 🤪

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