Having worked for EA: fuck EA

There’s a two tiered caste of workers :) QA/Compliance/Internal tech support/Customer service are all what we call “green badges”; they’re not actual EA employees, instead “contractors” via a company called Pro Unlimited. They work you on 9 months on, 3 months off contracts so you never hit the legal limit before they have to give you real benefits. This is how EA maintains their Top Place to Work awards.

Actual EA employees are called blue badges, and that blue badge (a living wage, good benefits) is the carrot on the stick. Green badges are made to believe it works this way as a sort of merit based trial period, that those with ambition who prove themselves and work hard will be moved up the ranks to a coveted blue position.

Actual BB supervisors roll their eyes at this though. They wanted us to be real employees too, but would point at GB supervisors like “yeah he gets paid the same as you to manage that whole team cus the last guy quit, on the promise he’d get his rightful position next quarter... three quarters ago.”

There were folks there for 8 years still on green badges, still collecting unemployment every furlough. But they had a fun break room and were (binary) trans friendly though!

coming back to this to say that the worst thing is how wasteful it is. Being so short term/unstable, they work up all this skill in a contractor only to lose them or throw them away and have to get more. I know QA is the burger flipping of tech jobs, but it does require a decent bit of training and a Lot of innate aptitude to use the programs, run the tests, and speak the jargon. The disposable worker model isnt even efficient and idk why they do it, I really don’t.

@hammerhead gods man, this is some shit. god i wish the games industry was unionised.


@godtierchaoticgay theyre bigggg time union busters, I was there for only 5 months and I heard rumors of a union rise and be quashed more than once

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