people in one of my parenting groups are shocked that I said I have never paid a hospital bill everrrr lmao I didn't even pay off my breast reduction surgery >_> what're they gonna do? Put my titties back?

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I'll never work a job that pays enough for me to own my own home so why should I bother about my credit?

@hammerhead build up debt, finally get stable, bankruptcy, win

credit score stuff, lmaoooooo suck it fico 

@Mycroft literally the dream lmao

Except maybe not cus the two states I racked up all my debt in have really low thresholds for falling off

I did my big stupid youth debt making in 2011-2012 and it’s all gone, three years of not answering calls or mail and not touching it and it fell off and my score jumped 150 points lmao

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