Spotted in the michaels I peed in lmao

on the other side in wood block letters someone did “TOES”

okay this is DEFINITELY flowless’ fault 

Probably also on colophon

I’m getting ads for shoes like this

random memory: in some areas of Japan there’s a person who comes around in a truck like an ice cream truck with a little jingle but they sell hot roasted sweet potatoes

they range in complexity from antique to rednecky to more modern and honestly the old school ones speak to me

all of my envy

I am sexually attracted to this hutch w/ pegboard backing

has tea station slash spice cabinet written all over it

If I get that job maybe heheheheheh

y’all I used a lemon shaped bath bomb and it felt for all the world like bathing in Mountain Dew

games don’t get dryer dick than this but I’m having a grand time with my obsession of the month

queerphobia, I’m mad 

This shit right here is why I will always be queer.

“Spicy straights”.

Because we don’t use terms she prefers, that can have binary implications, we’re as good as straight to her. Wrest us of our entire identity and place in society and history for use of a word she doesn’t like. After all our kind have done for her safety and inclusion.

Be extra queer today for me.

I used a lemon bath bomb from Walmart and y’all it felt for all the world like bathing in Mountain Dew I could not take it seriously

low quality lewd photo, no genitals 

lol I just found this pic of my “pre baby body” and unlike all my friends who cry about it I’m like “yup absolutely nothing changed, nice” cus I was already chunky. Maybe my ass is rounder now? Idk

Enjoy my ass and frankentitties with me

Trunk full o PLAAAAAAANTS on my mama’s diiiiiime eheheheheheeh

sad we gotta leave em behind when we move but! There will be New Plants.

I’m really excited about these foowers I got for my mom’s garden they’re just so dynamic and pretty

lil nas x posted this to his Twitter with the launch of his new video (which is Gay as hell, Black as hell, and stunning as hell). I’m legit holding back tears.

The new Lil Nas X video just dropped and it’s aaaaamazing and you should go watch it! Search “Montero”!

It’s a lil lewd tho! But still within tv parameters!

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