was supposed to go to sleep an hour ago but I keep playing that water sorting puzzle game

@whalefall as far as I can tell they are rage sneezing up a storm

queer human reproduction 

I’m in some groups on FB for adoptees and donor conceived ppl to talk about the realities of those experiences, how it’s really ethically fucked up honestly

but a trend I’ve seen lately is avoiding disclosing/assigning parental sex where it’s unnecessary by just saying “gametes” instead of eggs or sperm and I like that a lot

(not least of all cus I find the word sperm vry off-putting)

@FirstProgenitor legit yeah I communicate with most ppl via FB messenger lol

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A friend of mine is a Navajo trans woman who's trying to help her 100 year old grandfather afford a hearing aid so he can talk with his family again – boosts & shares good, every little bit helps 🙏💕 #TransCrowdfund #Crowdfund


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why're you crying? what are you, a fuckin' floridian or something?

@SapphicGiraffic thats all you do these days, disassemble and reassemble bed frames

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the M/L/J Household Meta 

@DissonantEevee @magicalmilly snouts very much destroyed itself lol don’t worry, definitely a joke

@galaxgal that’s just the cap part, the Pisces fucks it all up and makes me a languishing artsy pisschild, but I’m trying to figure out how the virgo effects it all

re: serious body horror, advanced pito shoe theory posting, I am genuinely warning you 

@Colophonscrawl hmmm don’t like that

the M/L/J Household Meta 

@DissonantEevee we actually got the scratching at each others eyeballs phase out of the way first

the M/L/J Household Meta 

lol don’t worry the incident was literally this:

Jess: *giggles at me for simple mistake*
Me: don’t make fun of meeeeeeee
Milly, who definitely didn’t hear the context: do it Jess!
Me: wow, Milly at it again, bullying people
Milly: I’m a cyber bully!
Me: is it cyber bullying if it’s in the house?
All 3: quick! To mastodon!

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