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disability sucks, lmao edition 

So we all know how executive functioning is a fuck right? The worst thing I come up against as a person enduring chronic pain and specifically damage to my right leg and lower spine is right at the most CRUCIAL moment my body goes “I can’t let you do that”.

It ALWAYS does it when we move where I need to be packing and shifting things around and my body is like “uh, no, that’s self harm, I won’t let you do that any more than we can bite our own fingers off.”

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Quickest way to incapacitate me, make me miserable, a sobbing traumatized heap of tears and anguish: sad clowns.

Please never ever ever ever show me a clown anything less than placidly content, preferably thrilled.

I dunno what the fuck it is, but that shit hits me right in the pathologically overactive empathy button and it will instantly make me want to rip myself inside out and cease existing from grief.

Just don’t. Not as a joke. Not even cus the art is cute. Please PLEASE spare me 😭

hhhh moving stress 

fundraiser started out strong and fizzled right tf out and I am Nervous hhhehehehehe

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urgent moving fund! 

So we got an amazing offer to move to Houston, where we’ll have better opportunity for employment, childcare and medical care if we can get there! Our stimulus was burnt up paying off personal debt (from the last move) and paying bills in advance 😩

We’ve made fund for gas, a bed, and moving supplies/etc. Hopefully this is the very last time we need this help, we appreciate any assistance or boosts!
Venmo: @londonshine
Cashapp: $glamorshark

7 nation army is the “new” smoke on the water ugh

see there’s this cool thing you can do if you’re white and see some shit going down between black and brown ppl who are disagreeing on racist stuff and how to address it

you can just mind your own business

you’re allowed to do nothing until a specific action is called for I swear to god this is true you can

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car seat headrest and the front bottoms are both fake bands you freaks made up to embarrass me. they are not real

I have never understood the significant difference between dvd and blu ray

maybe cus my vision is too fucky

I went to church with some friends when I was 11 and tried to get baptized to help my social status and my parents were like “ummmm wait until you’re 13 and if you still want to you can”. It wouldn’t have hurt anything to just let me do it, but weirdly it gave me an appreciation of the gravity of ritual to have it taken seriously and told no, think about it please.

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my parents have a lot of problems but I’m so grateful that their approach to religion was to have books on All Of Them around the house and let me engage with anything that spoke to me/go to any congregation I wanted to

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if you "left the church" but never stopped believing that "i know what everyone in the world ought to be believe and i should be able to make them do so", you didn't leave christianity, you just secularized it

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y’all I used a lemon shaped bath bomb and it felt for all the world like bathing in Mountain Dew

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i think the most racist shit ive seen on this website is when white people were trying to be antiracist by :

telling indigenous people they were race faking

calling poc tokens for other white people

stalking and harrasing poc users with throwaway accounts on the fedi

i mean besides the general slur saying shit i see on here every now and then

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I have this specific portion of a Black Eyed Peas song in my head because, I mean, c’mon, bee butts???

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couwd you pwease censow youw wived expewiences so I don’t have to feew bad about it pwease? I don’t wanna acknowledge that I have to work on myself or confront my racist friends about their racism uwu

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