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Wait a second I’m a sculptor and I can sew why don’t I just

Make the play food I want to see in the world

okay so where the fuck can I find kids play food in options that are not “Midwestern Diner”? I would like to offer my kid some global cuisine to knock around with a little plastic spatula

Everyone I know including my own wife: Omg are you excited for Event? We should do it together!

Me: please god no anything but that

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I love my friends

I love games

Somehow, for unknown reasons, combining the two for more than like 10 minutes once a month makes me super agitated and upset?

Is this trauma? Am I just a selfish gamer? Idk idk it happens especially with animal crossing

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you can be White and keep your input to yourself, I swear to god you can, I do it every week

every week a Black or Brown person says something culturally or politically informative with much certainty and conviction and at some point my White brain will go “but what about shade of grey” or “yes and here is how you are correct”

This is not only unnecessary, it’s harmful, condescending, and frankly very pigheaded. Just boost the damn post or leave it be and think about the lesson you learned.

I need an alternate couch cover at some point cus pev keeps trying to scratch my good one and I have waited too long (4 years) to use my precious beloved aggressively busy ikea KLIPPAN couch cover

I’m probably gonna regret asking this but

what ever happened to that pyretta chick

@heartles hope this is okay, I just want to check and ask if you’d mind disclosing Which Eris is the shit one? I have a hard time keeping track of who is who on here and just block shitty people/instances as they come across my desk, searching “eris” turns up about 12 people.

big love my friends with NPD and ASPD today

long watch but worth it, a famous chef and a home cook are invited to make burritos... but get their ingredients swapped! It’s super cute and there’s a LOT of really good cooking tips >_>

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status: trofast

box been sittin there staring at me for so long I just... I had to...

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you could never have slap bracelets today because of cancel culture

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what are tires to a car?

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[walks up to you in a gray cat costume]


oh! i thought you said please be NERMAL. excuse me

It is 11pm on Rentsmas eve and the rent post is aaaaaaalmost fulfilled :eyes_fast:

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