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Btw you know 'decolonisation' or 'land back' are not only jargon, right? It requires giving back sovereignty to First Nation people which also means give them main political power, region, resources and let their population thrive?

okay somebody sent us a processor in January who was it

please help, what kind of processor is it???

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The democratic socialist Inuit Ataqatigiit party has won a Greenland election, bringing a rare-earth mining project to a halt

definitely not crying in the atlanta airport :D

aggressive ableism in this airport tonight 

Some veteran with heavy leg braces is literally loudly bitching about me getting in the disability boarding line cus I’m ambulatory???

Like wow I’m standing here gently quivering and swaying as my knee knocks forward and back at an unnatural angle but sure man!

He’s complaining to staff who’s just like

Dude a) we can’t question her that’s her rights b) she’s getting on after all the wheelchair folks what more do you WANT

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saw someone having a discussion on here that didn't interest me and my dick fell off :/

random memory: in some areas of Japan there’s a person who comes around in a truck like an ice cream truck with a little jingle but they sell hot roasted sweet potatoes

they range in complexity from antique to rednecky to more modern and honestly the old school ones speak to me

all of my envy

was watching childhood nostalgia and yeah this definitely had an influence on little london

Alice Cooper was the original monsterfucker

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gotta be awake in 6 hours and wrangle a highly motor skilled 2 year old through two airports so I guess I’d better... sleep?

Nah, definitely water sort puzzle time

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the joker thinks that Little Ceaser's sells normal bread

why are people talking about the mountain goats

I cannot believe this morning’s subtoot exchange is about the godforsaken mcu

topic well was dry today when we dropped our buckets huh

I’m mad that the only emoji mushroom is inedible

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i think buildings should be literal interpretations of its purpose. a fish hatchery should look like a giant fish. a post office should look like a giant piece of mail. a firehouse should look like a giant fire

okay for real one of y’all come help me pack im dyin

I am sexually attracted to this hutch w/ pegboard backing

has tea station slash spice cabinet written all over it

If I get that job maybe heheheheheh

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