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it feels weird that my current profile doesn't have any pinned posts. it just throws you straight into the action. no chance at some generalized overviews of who i am you just could get a good post or you could get 300 boosts of other ppls stuff or you could get some fucking obscenely long long star trek live-posting thread

girls do podcasts called 'wine crime' where they pretend to be drunk, call serial killers hot and appropriate aave. boys do podcasts called 'the penis cheney experience' where they talk about aocs feet and use an air horn sound effect 'ironically'. they both should be banned.

indescribably fucked up mindset to get angry about who gets to have the vaccine first when you could instead be getting angry at

- innumerable issues in vaccine production and distribution

- continued spread of the virus

- devastated healthcare services

@glitterwitch @shade @myconidiosyncrasy you take your truck to the shop. the garage seems empty, so you call out. from the corner of your eye: motion. you turn and see him for the first time, sliding out from underneath an old chevy: auto mechanic redneck femboy.

he's wearing old sneakers, a flannel crop top, and the tightest light-wash skinny jeans you've ever seen. his name tag says Randy~ but you barely notice because all you can see are his taught abs and the way the light glistens off the mingled sweat and smears of grease....

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and all consequent points are [checks notes] also "Mood™" i guess

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pers, musicposting 

"i, just DIED //
at the thought of being alive //
at the SAME, TIME //
as you"

okay first off; Mood™

food, breaking news on the h*nny m*ssy situation 

@myconidiosyncrasy I wish I was getting some mussy on the reggy 😔

me whenever someone has multiple pronoun options in their bio: one of these IS somehow the secret incorrect choice and i Will somehow pick that one

food, breaking news on the h*nny m*ssy situation 

@myconidiosyncrasy jiffy mussy would actually be grounds for divorce like ari suggested

food, breaking news on the h*nny m*ssy situation 

@myconidiosyncrasy This is grounds for divorce.

lewd, not great 

@myconidiosyncrasy asdfkjskjlslkaskj

. . . but also we know they're all into fisting, so.......

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