@myconidiosyncrasy Honestly, I figure it's because so many factories are making so many touch screens that they're uber cheap now

@rockario @myconidiosyncrasy also it is trivial to make a touch button sealed against the environment.


@agmlego @rockario ah yes, so glad that my television, which i keep outside in the rain, is being properly sealed against the environments u_u

@myconidiosyncrasy @rockario well, yeah. I meant in like the examples of laundry machines and ranges. And with the proliferation of cases like that, not surprising that other things are using them too, especially with the effectively-zero BOM cost.

Not that I like them much either.

@agmlego @myconidiosyncrasy I can appreciate uses for enclosed buttons like that, but I still yearn for tactile separation between buttons and being able to touch a control without activating it

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