engineer on the tv: we can this in 48 hours at the fastest
captain or whatever: you have 12
me, who has had almost this exact experience with a boss 300 times before, bursting into tears: that's not h how fixing broken machinery works why are you being so fucking meann

predicting what is broken and how it gets fixed is inherently unpredictable you fucking assholes. leave us alone. stop breaking things

@myconidiosyncrasy 🐀 My first thought was "eh, O'Brien deserves it" which saysa lot about me

mostly that I watch DS9 and am gay

@myconidiosyncrasy And federation crew keep wondering why their consoles explode at the slightest jostle...

@myconidiosyncrasy And this kind of fiction just serves to reinforce the idea that this kind of behavior is valid, or even virtuous.

Where would your bosses even get an idea like that without seeing it played out like this.

@myconidiosyncrasy I get so mad, like, listen ffs, they said 48 give 'em at least 48

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