once i went on a road trip and at one point we went to a coin laundry and i was sitting in the chair looking at the magazines and in one of them was this like. page that just had a really close up picture of barbies face and it said in big text ' "know what you're made of"--barbie, on being plsatic ' and that was it there was NO other context and it was so surreal and horrifying i tore it out and kept it and i think about it all the time

it's one of those things that's like,, you know certain shitposts or regina spektor's song lyrics or some modern art pieces where like on a surface level i just don't understand it at all but at the same time. emotionally. i GET IT you know

@myconidiosyncrasy do--

do you have a picture of it that you can post

@variance im not sure if it has quite the same power pictured here as it did on a childhood summer afternoon in a slightly rundown coin op laundry place in an unnamed west coast small town but it is still. slightly haunting

@myconidiosyncrasy @variance apparently it's a subliminal ad for, a sort of digital extension for girl's/doll toy things

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