clearance adhd moods we have overstock:

-vague unspecified guilt about procrastinating that ur afraid to investigate in case it turns out there really is something ur procrastinating
-i have no idea where my social security card is :)
-body: eat food. me: i can't eat actually im too busy not doing anything
-Unbelievable Rage and Fury that comes on so fast and strong you get whiplash
-pretending you haven't not done the dishes in literally 8+ months


-"i HAVE to do this thing today" but you say it to yourself about the exact same thing that you have to do every day for at least a year like some sort of fucked up groundhog day thing
-physically weeping because of how s l o w l y time is moving
-physically weeping because 8 hours passed in the blink of an eye
-"i know that if i don't stop clicking this pen you will kill me but unfortunately if i stop clicking this pen i will die. so."

continued again:

-"i will only listen to this song/play this video game/watch this tv show because it's the only good one and i must consume it obsessively for hours every day" until one day you realize if you have to consume that thing for even 2 more minutes you will explode
-that crushing guilt and anger and hurt you feel when u can tell someone secretly thinks you didn't "just forget" but actually don't care at all
-"am i really even adhd??? ive never even been distracted by a squirrel??"

hold one. we have even more

-click. clickclickclickclick (good)
-click. clickclickclickclick (AWFUL)
-when u have to get out climbing gear 2 escape the mountain ranges of clothes and garbage and d&d paraphernalia that run thru ur house
-being uncomfortable for hours because you forgot to stop doing the thing that made you uncomfortable
-*says thing u shouldntve said* *touches thing you shouldntve touched* *climbs thing you sh
-"sorry what was that i forgot to keep paying attention to you"

@myconidiosyncrasy wtf i already have all of these, this store is lame

@myconidiosyncrasy Community please JUST last another 12 days before my semester starts that's all i ask of you

@myconidiosyncrasy literally every post in this thread is an attack against me personally

@myconidiosyncrasy hey now, no need to get personal okay, also please stop reading my diary

@myconidiosyncrasy i came out to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked right now

@myconidiosyncrasy thank you for making my posts for me so I don't have to

@myconidiosyncrasy Okay I already have a diagnosis but even the first toot is calling me out way too damn badly

@myconidiosyncrasy i have genuinely gone "OOOH SQUIRREL" so i don't get that last one

@FirstProgenitor this first one i honestly misworded because it's not even an if like i KNOW if i think about it for more than 2 seconds i will summon at least 50 things i desperately need to be doing right now immediately

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