cool, thoughtful people: poignant discussion of whether the trans flag is a good design because of the use of blue and pink to reference gender
me: I Would Just Never Wear Pastels


very insightful trans people on the internet: is it supporting conventional gender roles to use blue and pink? or is this an acceptable shorthand given the cultural context and lack of specificity of which color ~has~ to refer to which gender id?
me: I Just Don't Think It's Goth Enough

@myconidiosyncrasy @PsyChuan
deep plum purple and violet trans flag with the black stripe in the middle

@myconidiosyncrasy @PsyChuan
it seems to be taking off which for whatever reason :oh_no: "What have I done?" even though that reaction doesn't make sense versus its reception,

@myconidiosyncrasy black is the queerest color, it consumed all the other colors

@myconidiosyncrasy this gave me a fucking crisis over the fact that I mostly wear black OR bizarre prints....and how do I wear black....with a black blazer...can I....

@myconidiosyncrasy what the trans flag lacks in my aesthetic sensibilities the bi flag makes up for and vice versa

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