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Mission Statement

Here at freak.garden we hope to create a multifaceted culture of growing together in our individual interests and strengths. Many fediverse instances have a very specific niche (furries, programming, witchcraft, visual arts). Our intent is to provide a space where those with multiple disparate interests or very unique interests who struggle to find comfortable spaces can freely share their thoughts, struggles, and works. Come post about roller blading, doll collecting, found object sculpture, 15th century Dutch shipbuilding, or just hang out and enjoy all the perspectives on offer here and across the fediverse.

This space demands radical acceptance of the marginalized, the unusual, and yes, the freakish. We celebrate and support Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples, physically and/or developmentally Disabled people, Autistics, ADHD'ers, Deaf and Blind people,those who are mentally ill, LGBTQIA2P folks, and everyone else who has ever had their full humanity denied them through no fault of their own. You are considered valuable and whole here.

The following guidelines are not a legal document, and final interpretation is up to the administrators and moderators at freak.garden. By using this instance, you agree to follow the rules below. 

Please note that freak.garden is an 18+ server. Do not join or request access if you are not 18 years of age. We will remove accounts of users that are found to be younger than 18. 

Basic Guidelines for Posting

  • Respect boundaries as placed by others
  • Be respectful/apologize/give space as necessary if someone tells you, or implies through their actions, that you crossed a boundary
  • Image descriptions are highly encouraged, but not required
  • Tag content such as pornographic/NSFW material or potentially upsetting topics
  • If you feel a situation escalating, contact the admins or a moderator


Content Warnings

Content Warnings (CWs) are a useful tool that users on freak.garden can utilize to hide and tag content that may be sensitive. Historically, CWs have been used for two purposes: to hide content that might be sexually explicit or violent (sometimes referred to as NSFW), and to allow those with common trauma triggers to engage with our spaces at less risk to themselves and on their own terms. On freak.garden, we have both required and suggested CWs.

Required CWs

The following content must be tagged at all times. Posts that do not tag this content will be removed. We highly recommend using the suggested tags to curate your own list of muted posts if any of these triggers apply to you.
  • Any and all media that is considered sexual should be tagged with the phrase "nsfw" and additional relevant text to describe the content of the post. This includes drawn or real-life porn, nude selfies, or sexually suggestive media of any kind. We understand that "nsfw" is an outdated and rather unspecific phrase, but it's the most commonly understood one that many of our federated instances use.
  • Posts discussing topics related to suicide must be tagged ("sui")
  • Posts discussing CSA or other forms of abuse must be tagged ("csa", "abuse")
  • Posts discussing themes of gore, traumatic disfigurement, blood, or related imagery must be tagged (“gore”, “body horror”, “injury”, or “blood”)
  • Posts discussing or containing imagery of vomit must be tagged (“emeto” or similar)
  • Posts discussing intentional weight loss, dieting, or disordered eating must be tagged. This includes mentions of exact weights, calorie counting, and behavior descriptions. (“IWL”, “diet talk”, “ED”, if the post includes exact numbers please add “numbers” after the main CW).

Suggested CWs

For the following content, it is generally considered good practice here and elsewhere on the fediverse to tag posts with relevant CWs. If someone asks you for a content warning from topics on this list, we encourage you to do so, however freak.garden staff will not remove posts or issue warnings for posts that do not tag this content. We strongly encourage all users to utilize individual moderation tools such as keyword mutes, user mutes, and blocks to curate your own experience as needed.
  • Selfies or other pictures with eye contact
  • Pictures of fursuits
  • Discussions of mental health topics (a + or - is often used to denote positive or negative tone, ~ for neutral)
  • Discussions of physical health topics
  • Discussions of drugs or alcohol
  • Discussions of politics
Remember that CWs should be viewed from the perspective of being respectful to your friends and others on the instance, and not as a way to police content. Please make sure to review this list and our other rules before submitting a report.

Prohibited Content

The following types of content will be removed from the public timeline:
  • Corporate advertising (but if you are an independent creator, promote away! we love you!)
  • "Subtooting" or "Callouts" directed towards users of this or other instances. If you have a serious concern, please talk it out plainly with the offending user or escalate to an admin or moderator
  • "Screenshot dunking," is a specific behavior used to invite ridicule and harassment to the target. Please don’t do this. If you need to post a screenshot of humorous or offensive behavior, please remove all identifying information.
  • “Reply Flooding” is a specific behavior where a user posts numerous replies in quick succession in response to a post, typically without checking in that the other user is able or willing to engage in discussion. Please give other users the right to engage with you at an equal pace. If you have concerns great enough to account for a 5 paragraph essay, please escalate to an admin or moderator.
  • Bot accounts (please use botsin.space for bot accounts!)
Intentional posting, sharing, or advocation of the following types of content will result in the immediate removal of that content from the server, and may also result in account suspension and revocation of access to freak.garden:
  • Racism (e.g. using racist pejoratives, advocating white supremacy, etc.)
  • Sexism (e.g. using sexist pejoratives, mansplaining, etc.)
  • Discrimination against gender, romantic, and sexual minorities (e.g. using homophobic/transphobic/queerphobic pejoratives, invalidating others, intentionally ignoring or misusing another's pronouns, etc.)
  • Ableism (e.g. using ableist pejoratives, using mental illness as an insult, making light of any physical or mental disabilities that a person experiences, etc.)
  • Stalking, harassment, dogpiling/brigading, and any other behavior intended to intimidate or provoke others
  • Conduct promoting Nazism, xenophobia, white supremacy and any related ideology
  • Aggregating, posting, and/or disseminating a person's demographic, personal, or private data without express permission (informally called doxxing)
  • Illegal pornographic material and any analogous illustrated material (e.g. any pornographic material depicting minors, including suggestive/pornographic cub/loli/shota art)
  • Photos of real human (non-makeup) gore, injury, or death. This does not extend to medical photos in legitimate medical discussion, but these should be well-tagged.
  • Any conduct intended to impede other users from utilizing the service, or to degrade the performance of the service, or to incite other users to perform any of the aforementioned actions
Please be aware that any content brought to our attention from the list above posted on other platforms, either on the fediverse or elsewhere, may also result in account suspension on freak.garden at our discretion.

Behaviors to Avoid

  • Microaggressions (e.g. white/male/cis-splaining, intentionally using the wrong pronouns to address someone, invalidating other peoples' identities, etc.)
  • Demanding education on problematic behaviors from a non-admin/moderator. Users are welcome to educate others, but expecting it from others at all times is an unfair form of emotional labor that places the onus on the marginalized to engage at all times
  • Presenting bad-faith arguments (aka “sealioning”) and otherwise concern-trolling
This is not an exhaustive list. If any of these don't make sense or you would like a deeper explanation, please speak with an administrator or moderator -- we are more than happy to help you understand the problems with these kinds of behavior. 
Pursuant to the above, the administration of the service reserves the right to revoke any user's access permissions, at any time, for any reason, except as limited by law.